KOKUSHO, Takaji; PhD (Dr. Eng.), Registered Engineer. 


Professor, Emeritus, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan, since 2015. 

PhD. (Doctor of Engineering) from the University of Tokyo, 

“Dynamic soil properties and nonlinear seismic response of ground” in 1982. 

MS Degree from Duke University USA in 1975.MS Degree from the University of Tokyo in 1969. 

BS Degree from the University of Tokyo in 1967. 

Research topics: 

  • Dynamic soil properties and their evaluation 
  • Dynamic response of ground 
  • Liquefaction of sand/gravelly fines-containing sands 
  • Earthquake-induced slope failure  
  • Siting technology of energy facilities 


Academic society activities: 

  • Ishihara Lecturer at 6th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering (Christchurch) (2015) 
  • Chairman of TC4 (Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering), ISSMGE (2005-2009) 
  • Chairman of Organizing Committee of IS-2009 Tokyo by TC4, ISSMGE (2009)  
  • Chairman of Asian Technical Committee No.3 (ATC3-Geotechnology for Natural Hazards) of ISSMGE (1998-2005) 



  • Research paper Award from Japanese Geotechnical Society (2020, 20172014) 
  • Research paper Award from Japan Society for Civil Engineers (2005) 
  • Distinguished Technology Award from Japanese Geotechnical Society (1984) 
  • Research Encouragement Award from Japan Society for Civil Engineers (1980) 


Publications in English 

  • Innovative Earthquake Soil Dynamics (2017): CRC Press, London. 
  • Performance-Based Design in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering  from Case History to Practice–  

edited and written (2009): CRC Press, London. 

  • Earthquake Geotechnical Case Histories for Performance-Based Design: edited and written (2009): CRC Press, London. 
  • Kokusho, T., Emoto, E. and Kato, T. (2013): Sailing solar cell raft project and weather and marine conditions in low-latitude Pacific Ocean, Journal of Energy Engineering, ASCE, 139(1), 2–7.